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Who is Gallo?

Mike Gallo has been a recognized innovator and leader in the B2B events industry for more than 20 years. After launching and managing some of the country’s most recognized tradeshows and conferences, Gallo put his unique spin on the hosted-buyer event model. The company Gallo Business Media (GBM) was born and events were launched in a wide array of markets ranging from Parks & Recreation to Trucking and Retail Jewelry. Our first event portfolio was acquired by Endeavor Business Media. It’s a model and an exceptionally talented team that continues to deliver thousands of B2B relationships every year. Founder Mike Gallo then went back to the design board to once again come up with new ways to bring people together for meaningful, lasting relationships. 

The New Virtual Summit; Months of Intense Design Innovation, All for You

The need to meet virtually became a necessity, and we knew we had to come up with an incredible experience. Given our history and experiences, we were uniquely qualified and positioned to tackle the challenge of creating meaningful engagement in this environment. We spent months coming up with new, innovative and effective ways to bring people together with a focus on how to help each other. Like our in-person events, we looked at "what's working" and "what's not". And then built you an exceptional virtual experience from the ground up. 

A Gallo Virtual Experience Is:




Time Sensitive

Financially Responsible


Welcome to what a virtual event should be!

Video Conference

A Renewed Commitment to
In-person Summits

Gallo has been an industry leader in intimate, in-person Summits. And our commitment to this medium has not changed. Because it works for our customers. It’s effective. And It delivers results.

So when it’s safe for all of us to meet, we’ll be ready to knock you out with value, results and service. Yet again.

See how Gallo delivers:

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